Note that the video, text, and images are only a suggestion, your broker and captain will advise on the feasibility of this itinerary for your season and yacht. The video and the images were not taken on the charter.

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea characterized by thick pine trees, abundant aquamarine life, turquoise waters, continental food, and white sand beaches. Indulge in the exotic offered by the fusion of French and Italian cultures at this non-crowded island that’s credited as being the least populated of the French collectivities.

Lined by huge mountains on one side, it has a rich landscape that will appeal to those who demand lush greens amidst an old town vibe. A fantastic location to traverse around in a luxury yacht on a laid-back 6-day itinerary, kissed by the delicate sun and charmed by the otherworldly air that’s beyond anything you have ever experienced before. Take a round trip starting from Ajaccio on the west towards the north and then east.

Yacht Charter Day 1 – Ajaccio to Girolata

Meet the yacht at the port of Ajaccio, freshen up, and begin exploring the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the former leader of France. Visit his modest ancestral home, Maison Bonaparte, and nearby places of cultural significance and get a retrospective taste of the lives of the kings and the people of the 18th century. Indulge in the Corsican way of life by visiting the museums near the port, shopping and eating at the local markets, and taking a stroll through the calm, soothing by-lanes of Ajaccio.

Head west in the noon to watch some mighty 16th-century towers and natural cliffs and catch breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the Golfo de Porto, a collection of rugged cliffs overlooking the sea. Explore the diverse avian and aqua population and maybe even take a dip for some clear-water snorkeling. Who knows you might spot an anemone or some vivid corals?

Aerial view of Santa Giulia beach in Corsica Island in France

Yacht Charter Day 2 – Calvi

Calvi to the northwest of Corsica is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and home to a stunning crescent-shaped bay. Also known for the infamous battle of Calvi in the late 18th century, there’s a citadel that overlooks the bay and gives a medieval-age vibe. Either spend some time at the long, slightly frenzied beaches or aim for the market that is lined with cafes and restaurants for the shopper in you.

Lots of chapels and stunning cobbled street designs here to take in the Corsican culture. Much like Ajaccio, Calvi also offers a peek into the fusional French-Italian culture. Don’t forget to visit the Baroque St-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral and the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Serra.

The foot of the citadel also hosts a calming ambiance if you are not a fan of a bustling crowd at the beaches.

Port of Calvi (Corsica) - overview from the citadel

Yacht Charter Day 3 – Calvi to Bastia

Round the Cap Corse to reach Bastia which is always a long day at sea. This is an unavoidable charter path but totally worth it if you prefer the old village milieu with a touch of majestic. Unlike Calvi and Ajaccio, Bastia is best known for its bars that feature an ensemble of food and drinks that are sure to challenge your taste buds. Try the town’s famous Cap Corse aperitif and live out the laid-back, carefree Corsican life like a real Corsican. The bars lining the Quai des Martyrs are collectively world-renowned but enter any one of them to get a bona fide local experience.

Towards the end of the day, you could pay a visit to a wildlife sanctuary called Etang de Biguglia that is rich for its avian life and flora and fauna.

The Bastia City on The Corsica Island in France

Yacht Charter Day 4 – Porto-Vecchio

Now we head from the north to the east to experience the whitest of white sand beaches. These – notably the beach of Palombaggia – are extremely long, lining the eastern edge of the island, and are also known for their arrays of pine trees. Genoese medieval architecture and a huge citadel will be ready to greet you and so will shopkeepers and bar owners whose establishments offering peppy refreshments line the port town.

Don’t forget to visit Santa Giulia, a lagoon-like sandbank that will offer some good respite from the heat. End the day with some solid continental food at one of the bistros near the bay.

Landscape with Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France

Yacht Charter Day 5 – Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio

This transit is a short trip but mooring is not allowed, so you have to take the local boat. Explore the coralloid and rocky islands of Iles de Lavezzi and the Ile Cavallo that form a small archipelago. You could go for a swim or just amble around the beaches indulging in the old town air and some nice brunch.

Post lunch, head to Bonifacio from the port which is one of the most unique places in Corsica. A fortified medieval town that’s often likened to old Disney movie set designs, this will give a fabulous entry into the world of medieval Corsica, even before it became a part of the French. The uniqueness of this town comes from the fact that it is balanced on a rock with sea on one side and a cliff-facing port down below on the other.

Breathtaking views are guaranteed throughout the day. But don’t forget to explore the nooks and corners of this place as otherwise you will miss the hidden nuggets of the place that manifest as signages, cafes, and small historical artifacts that often come to life if you look closely.

Landscape with Bonifacio town in Corsica island, France

Yacht Charter Day 6 – Bonifacio to Ajaccio

The sail back to Ajaccio is short and can be a bittersweet experience as is always the case with a charter coming to an end. However, it is highly recommended that you take some more days to delve inside the Corsican island to explore the interiors where lay the real gold in the form of casual restaurants, archaeological sites, and impressive monuments – both small and large – that are sure to give you a permanent taste of the Corsican history.

Hilltop towns as you move to the center are also a worthwhile experience if you would like to indulge in the everyday Corsican life. Don’t miss the 13th-century Bastion de l’Etendard for a peek into the history of the island.

View of Bonifacio old town, Corsica, France

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